Pictures are a great way to create lasting memories at any event. The photo is an unchanging record of the fun you had, and it's fun to take pictures in the right environment. Adding a photo booth to events like weddings and parties is an excellent way to provide guests with a way to take pictures and make the event more enjoyable. By providing ample photo booth props for guests, Viral Booth OC makes event photo booths more engaging. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best props for your event photo booth in Orange County, CA.

Wedding Photo Booths

Though the day is about the bride and groom, the family and friends who attend a wedding often want pictures of their ownto remember the occasion. Having a photo booth at the event lets guests get a souvenir photo without distracting the wedding photographer. Everyone at a wedding is dressed in formal clothing, so adding photo booth props can give the images more personality.

If you get the all-inclusive Photo Booth for Weddings package from Viral Booth OC, your order will include props. We have more than 50 props to choose from, including hats, glasses, wedding-related signs, and more. If you're planning a theme wedding in Orange County, CA, you may want to consider bringing a few items that can be used to represent the event in photos.

Theme Parties and Events

There are many reasons to have a party. Family reunions, graduations, and other life events are occasions to gather family and friends together for a good time. Any time you have a large group of friends or family in one place, all you need to do is add a photo booth to instantly create an unforgettable evening. You can order an affordable party photo booth from Viral Booth OC that comes with our prop collection. From funny hats to fake mustaches, our photo booth prop selection has everything your guests need to take fun and memorable photos.

We also take care to keep all of our props squeaky clean and replace the ones that no longer look pristine. These actions ensure that old, mangled-looking props don't mar your event photos. If you plan on having a theme for your Orange County, CA event, like space, cowboys, the 80s, etc., we can work with you to create a specific collection of props to meet the needs of your event.

Props for Green Screen Photo Booths

A green screen booth from Viral Booth OC allows guests to create photos and videos that look like they’re happening somewhere else. The green screen can be replaced to place your party goers in any environment you can think of. These booths are excellent for themed parties because guests get a picture that places them in a realistic photo of the party’s theme. For example, a western party can have a ranch inserted into the background, while a beach-themed party can use the green screen to place guests on a sandy beach.

When using a green screen photo booth to create an effect, you can use props to make the photo seem more realistic. If your party is rock-star themed and you plan to use the green screen to place guests at a concert, giving them instruments like guitars or drumsticks can make the photo more realistic. On the other hand, using a realistic green screen with comically fake props, like an inflatable guitar, can work to create funnier images.

There are a lot of ways that party planners can make their event come alive by using an event photo booth from Viral Booth OC. Send us a message online if you have any questions about using an event photo booth to make your next event in Orange County, CA more fun.