When you host a wedding in Orange County, you want it to be an experience that your guests will never forget. That's why you work so hard to pick the perfect wedding venue, the best music, great food, and so much more. One thing that can get forgotten in all the planning is entertainment for your guests. Here are 4 OC wedding photo booth packages that will keep wedding guests laughing and having fun all night long.

Robot Photo Booth - OC Wedding Photo Booth Packages

Guests have so much fun by taking pictures in a photo booth. But, what if the photo booth itself were even more exciting? Viral Booth's OC wedding photo booth packages include a robot photo booth that’s sure to amaze adults and delight children at your wedding. The robot is named Bot, and it’s a one-of-a-kind, remote-controlled, robotic photo booth that roams around your reception creating all kinds of fun.

Bot comes with a super-fun, human attendant who drives the robot photographer around your event, stopping to take still pictures, GIFs and boomerangs with guests. Then, guests can share their photo booth images on social media including Instagram and Facebook. Plus, they can text and email photos to themselves, family and friends. Bot instantly turns every wedding reception into an event your guests will never forget.

Boomerang Booth

Wanna offer your guest an OC wedding photo booth that has them jumping out of their seats? Consider getting a boomerang booth package from Viral Booth OC. This unique photo booth takes a burst of pictures that are then joined together to make a quick video. The effect produces an animation that is so much fun. These looping videos are hilarious and a great way to create memories at every celebration. One benefit of the boomerang booth is that the video is created instantly, so guests can text, email, and share it on social media.

Video Booth

Photos are timeless and an excellent way to preserve memories from your special occasion. In addition to photo booth pictures, GIFs and Boomerangs, Viral Booth OC also has a video booth package that’s perfect for weddings, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s and even corporate events. The video booth can be used in exciting ways to create heartfelt messages and testimonials from guests. The video kiosk, which only takes a square foot of space, can be set up virtually anywhere. Then, guests can enjoy making videos that are shared with you right after your event.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Even when you pick a fantastic venue, you can transport your guests to even more spectacular environments with Viral Booth OC’s green screen photo booth package. Whether you want a backdrop of Paris, or an image of people fleeing Godzilla, a green screen booth creates new possibilities for fun photos that your friends and family will remember. Viral Booth's green screen photo booth is a fantastic and affordable way to bring a new level of excitement to your Orange County celebration. The green screen photo booth package comes with unlimited high-resolution prints (not double prints), so your guests can experience your scenes over and over again and take home tons of pictures.

OC Wedding Photo Booth Packages - Book Now!

If you’re interested in spicing up your Orange County event with a fun photo booth, Viral Booth OC is the place to call. Learn more about our OC wedding photo booth packages by visiting viralboothoc.com. Or, reach out by calling 714-944-8111 or emailing dan@viralboothoc.com.