Wedding photo booth budget

You and your planner are creating the wedding of your dreams and you’d love to rent a photo booth to entertain everyone from your crazy friends to your little cousin. And while the photo booth doesn’t break the bank, it’s still a chunk of your budget and a huge part of your reception. Here’s how to make your wedding photo booth budget stretch from your big day to your first anniversary.

Strategize When You Want to Take Pictures

Don’t make your photo booth run time an afterthought. Do you want a red carpet photo arrival experience for your guests? Cocktail hour entertainment? Want it to be open or closed for dinner? Want it snapping pics to the end of the night? Think through how your booth will contribute to your reception vibe and momentum, and plan your set up and run time for a perfect flow.

Put the Photo Booth Near the Action

It’s so sad when the photo booth is in a room all by its lonesome. Great photo booths can be sized to fit in nearly any location and integrate with every theme. Plus, a well-run booth never distracts from the reception speeches and dances. So, consider putting it right in the ballroom! Then, you and your guests can see and enjoy it, and take tons of pictures. Even better, those table-huggers will be inspired to join in the fun!

Meet Your Attendant – They Make Your Booth a Success

Your photo booth attendant is another host at your wedding and is going to spend time with all of your family and friends. These folks are great hosts because they love people and thrive on running a great photo booth event. Introduce yourself when you have a minute, and let your host know what he or she can do to make your booth even more special. They are there for you and to help everyone have a great time.

Get the Photo Extras!

The photo booth package, that really gives you the most for your money, includes unlimited picture sessions AND prints (not just two prints per session). Plus, it comes with a scrapbook for you with at least 20 pages of your guests’ photo strips. Your guests should also be able to instantly share pictures on social media. All of these extras add up to tons of pictures and fun for everyone…and spread your wedding across Facebook and Twitter.

Use Your Online Gallery All Year

Forget the easy-to-lose thumb drive of your booth pics! Instead, opt for the online gallery and have fun with your photo booth all year! Send a hilarious picture to your best friend to make her laugh when she’s having a rough day. Print the best picture of you and your groom for your holiday greeting card. And, send everyone a link to the whole gallery to celebrate your first anniversary.

Your photo booth is truly an important part of your wedding day and should be an amazing memory you can enjoy for years. Follow these tips when booking your booth to maximize the entertainment and your budget.  For more fast and friendly tips, or to learn more about booking a great photo booth, visit or email